Friday, September 13, 2019

Neural Network Structure of Brain Information Flow Modeled on NASA Ocean Current Research

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NASA simply finished a totally thrilling observe using their satellites mapping the sea currents. It was an terrific mission, and to have a look at the visualization of this statistics in movement is nothing brief of exceptional. Now then, I'd like to blow your mind with every other concept and concept, using a bit creativity, and borrowing from the sea current fashions we see on our Earth. Okay so, allow's pass in advance and communicate about this for second if we might.

There is a completely exciting book out about how the human mind thinks. In the e-book the writer and researcher shows that the human thoughts thinks both speedy and sluggish. When it thinks rapid, chemical substances shoot via the brain, hit the central worried gadget, and reason us to fight or flight, to do some thing, and do it speedy. Obviously and evolutionarily talking this makes experience. After all, in case you see a tiger inside the bushes strolling at you, you had better move speedy, lest you turn out to be lunch.

When our minds thinks gradual, or maybe when we daydream it appears as though our mind go round in circles, flowing, transferring all through our mind, nearly like a randomly generated seek feature, without rhyme or cause. However, perhaps there's a rhyme to all of this, and a few desirable reasoning. Now then, what if the human brain's neural network shape flowed very similar to the sea current model observed by means of NASA? If it did, it might simply make numerous sense.

However, if it does not, it does appear that this is probably a nice model to use for creating artificially smart innovative systems, ones which might test information the usage of a similar technique. Eventually, the electrical currents might float around and round in very small circles even as they transverse their larger currents or paths. Could this be an excellent version, may this assist us better recognize how the mind works, or how we might make our synthetic shrewd computers end up creative? I admit, the notion itself is creative, but the analogy is alternatively fascinating is not it?

Okay so, how would possibly we test this hypothesis? Well allow's bear in mind the brain's modern-day neural community, which seems very similar to a 3-D leaf on a tree, where all the veins of the leaf convey vitamins during. Can we allow the energy to drift thru all the one-of-a-kind regions and regions, and once finished hop over to the next? That may want to work right, it affords for bypassing any of the perceived good judgment gates that allow the information to drift in a linear fashion alongside cutting-edge neural network pathways, even as still going to all corners of the brain.

In any case, I will leave you with this most exciting idea, and ask which you assume on it, and if you discover it worth please shoot me an e-mail and possibly we will take this idea and progress it forward.


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