Friday, September 13, 2019

Future Dream Concept Designing - Finish and Capture Before Waking Up or Writing it Down

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Have you ever spent hours on cease for days analyzing, learning, and questioning on a completely complicated subject matter? Then whilst you can't assume anymore, and your mind is worn-out you nod off, and one way or the other your brain figures out a approach to the hassle, and you wake up within the midnight with the answer? This has took place to me, and I would post if you pay attention tough enough on a unmarried topic, or do that sometimes you may be surprised what your thoughts can provide you with, the problems you can resolve, and the challenges you may meet. Okay so, let's speak approximately this for 2nd shall we?

Now then, curiously enough, this doesn't paintings all of the time, every so often you're half-asleep, and write something down, wondering you have solved the trouble, best to study what you wrote inside the center the night time the following morning and locate that it looks as if a few type of gibberish. In that case, I could post to you that you want to move lower back to sleep, and attempt it once more. There is every other situation that takes place frequently, you clear up a hassle for your sleep, or provide you with some terrific idea, however you do now not write it down, and forget approximately it. Oh, it's nevertheless there somewhere, however precise success locating it.

What we want within the destiny is to create a dream idea designing capture device. This might also sound humorous, however in case you are an American Indian, or from different comparable cultures, there may be a element known as a dream catcher. Although it's miles based in mysticism, the idea is potentially possible, and we may also in the future be capable of create one of these tool hook it up to a laptop, one that could scan your brain before you wake up, convert it all into ones and zeros, and show you a three-D CAD/CAM version of your answer, innovation, new concept, or tool your mind got here up with.

Yes, such as you, I can infrequently wait. Still, if we will design machines that could map the person neural pathways of a unmarried thoughts, allowing us to concept change, then any such machine must work whether or not you had been asleep and now not. There became an exciting individual from Bell Labs named Vannevar Bush, who came up with the concept of recording a whole lifestyles. It seems that with social networks, and all that we do on line, and on the grounds that we spend so much of our time online, we're in essence recording an increasing number of of it.

Therefore, it stands to reason that sooner or later we will be able to file our digital world, our real world, and our dream global. Imagine the creativity and innovation to be able to glide at that factor? Indeed I hope you will please recollect all this and think on it, and when you have any interesting feedback please shoot me an e-mail.


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