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Role Playing Games--Character Guide 6

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Introduction: The majority of role gambling games available rely on cube to create a gadget of random threat. As such, you may never without a doubt expect how matters will cross. Even an attacker, blaster, or speedster can't guarantee victory before the foe gets a danger to make a vital attack. Even an achiever, trickster, or defender can't assume that a foe will by no means prevail to attain a success. Eventually, now and again even often, characters will take hits. If something in an RPG is assured, it's miles this easy reality.

How to deal with it? Play a tanker. Tankers are the characters who take the hits and hold on going. They do not fall without problems, do now not succumb to single blows. All tankers are alike in their capacity to take the hits, but in a few video games, additionally they heal unexpectedly over the years, making them surely impossible to wear out via attrition and compounding their extremely good stamina with regular recuperation.

In Quests of the Realm, tankers are represented by way of the endure choice.

Player Tactics: The tanker, just like the defender, is typically a protecting uniqueness. In QoTR, tankers complement their stamina with a few practical alternatives. They can sacrifice their resilience to enhance their movements, and may forget about a number of the penalties that come from being badly injured (and, indeed, gain bonuses alternatively!) This isn't always the case, but, and being able to take lots would not count a whole lot in case you can not likewise dish it out.

The tanker, for that reason, is a strong point that helps to maximize other benefits extra than granting advantages of its own. Since a tanker does not fall effortlessly, it has greater probabilities to make use of its capabilities. When other characters are falling returned to get healing, the tanker is still going sturdy, in all likelihood even stronger than it turned into inside the beginning of the combat.

A tanker should by no means pass for minimum effect. Do whatever you may to pester your enemies so they flip their interest onto you. As with a defender, your fee to the birthday party, other specialties aside, is strongly confined if foes elect now not to assault you. On the opposite hand, do not allow the fee of your electricity defeat itself. Tankers are hard to take down--however not not possible. You want to attract assaults off of your allies, but plenty as with a user, if you rely too closely to your capacity to resist difficult, it will be used up when you want it later.

Although any aggregate can show powerful, tankers do lend themselves to certain different specialties. A user/tanker, used wisely, is a grasp of winning via attrition. A blaster/tanker might danger a excessive risk of burnout, but played with a few warning, can devastate the enemy pressure with out fearing being taken down fast due to the perceived danger of blasters. An enhancer/tanker, able to take the hits and heal, is clearly immortal on the sector, even as a defender/tanker isn't always handiest hard to hit, however additionally requires extra hits to drop (and can be able to decrease the damage of those hits it takes, besides).

GM Tactics: Tankers proportion a few of the same advantages of defenders for villain layout. They make wonderful boss combatants, specially if loads of the players have high-harm characters that could in any other case eliminate a boss in one or two hits. If tankers can gain in effectiveness as they're injured (as in QoTR), the assignment of the sort of warfare will increase as the characters get towards winning, no longer not like in some online game RPGs.

Attacker/tanker fodder combatants are a pretty safe wager. Since they are lower degree than the celebration, their capability to take extra hits and deal more harm make them credible threats. And, in view that their techniques are trustworthy, the GM can use them without having to worry approximately complicated method. As with defenders, although, tanker fodder can mean a far longer warfare. On the flip side, they may be a remarkable choice if the birthday celebration contains a barely-too-powerful blaster.

Tanker elites can show effective, specially if mixed with extra powerful allies. A trickster/achiever boss, as an example, with multiple tanker elites can make for an thrilling venture. All in all, the tanker distinctiveness is some of the first-class choice for villains--it makes them powerful without making them unnecessarily devastating, and well enhances another forte they have got.

Tankers can take the hits and preserve on preventing. They lack effective offensive competencies in their own, but in the event that they have a midway decent preventing area of expertise to again them up, they are able to win their fights thru attrition. Players need to cost the brought survivability of tankers, considering that a participant's man or woman is obviously concern to greater attacks--and more a success attacks--over the path of a long-strolling recreation than any man or woman villain. However, enemies too can gain from a tanker's talents, letting them definitely live inside the combat lengthy sufficient to motive an impact, even in opposition to a collection of high-harm characters.


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